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A custom command Akatsuki, designed for ace pilots.


The Zikisan Custom is the same frame as normal Akatsuki Zikisans, but repainted with red replacing the dark blues and silver replacing the greys. Characteristic wise it is updated with a built in Air Glide System, borrowed Blaze Luminous system, and Radiant Wave Shielding. The slash harken count upped one and mounted in the wrists, while it's armaments are  optional, for different fighting styles. It is upgraded in speed and maneuverability, and power distribution. All in all, its basically a specialized Zikisan, for use by ace pilots.



General Characteristics[]

  • Crew: 1
  • Height: 4.81 meters
  • Weight: 9.25
  • Power Source: Yggdrasil Drive, Energy Filler


  • Landspinners
  • Air Glide System
  • Cockpit Eject System
  • Radiant Wave Shielding
  • Blaze Luminous System


  • Slash Harkens x2 (wrist mounted)
  • Machine Cannons x2 (shoulder mounted)
  • Revolving Blade Sword x2 (sheathed at hips)
  • 12 Tube Radiation Wave Missile Pods x4 (AGS mounted)

Optional Equipment[]

  • Arm Mounted Double Barrel Handgun
  • Arm Mounted Hadron Blasters x2
  • Assault Rifle