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General Characteristics
Model Number Type-10R
Codename Burai Radiation Type
Unit type Modified Custom Fourth Generation Knightmare
Manufacturer Militarized Zone of India
Operator Black Knights
Dimensions Overall Height 4.56 Meters
Weight Combat Weight 7530 Kg
Powerplant Energy Filler, Replaceable Electrical, Cartridge, Yggdrasil Drive Superonductor Transfer System
Equipment and Design Features
  • Factsphere Open Sensor Camera
  • Landspinner High-Mobility Propulsion System
  • Cockpit Ejection System
Fixed/Optional Armament
  • 2 x Slash Harken Mounted On Chest
  • 2 x Protector Mounted On Forearms
  • Anti-Personel Machine Gun Mounted On Chest
  • Type-01.5 Radiation Wave Surger Mounted As Right Arm
  • Naoto Kouzuki

The 'Type-10R Burai Radiation Type' is a modified custom fourth generation knightmare frame in the fanfiction, War Of The Elevens.


The Burai Radiation Type is a derivative to the original Burai knightmare and is based off of data collected from the Guren Mk.II. It has a variant of the Type-01 Radiant Wave Surger on it's right arm based off of early designs of the Guren Mk.II's Radiant Wave Surger. It's color scheme is blue, similar to the Gekka Pre-Production Test Type.


This knightmare was developed in the Militarized Zone of India based off of data from the Guren and Gekka. The idea was to use advanced seventh generation systems on more mass produced knightmares like the Burai. The machine was originally meant for a third knightmare pilot, but it was given to Naoto after the appearance of Renya.

Burai Claw