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Mobile Suit Gundam Lelouch
The Black Demon
Codename Zero Gundam

Manufacturer Yggdrasil Mechanics Corporation & Camelot

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Developed from ED-2973-00 Gundam

Developed into UW-XX09-00 Gundam

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Known Pilots
Pilot(s) Lelouch vi Britannia
Real World
First Appearance Birth of the Black Demon
"I fear that we have awakened a sleeping giant, and filled him with a terrible resolve."
―Jeremiah Gottwald's report on the Ark 3 "Black Demon" Incident

The UW-XXXX-01 Zero Gundam is the main Mobile Suit of Mobile Suit Gundam: Lelouch of the Rebellion. The suit is piloted by Lelouch vi Britannia.

It was designed by the Yggdrasil Mechanics Corporation and Lloyd Asplund from the Camelot Unit, though due to the machine's design, it was rendered incapable of being piloted by ordinary Devicers until it was stolen by Lelouch vi Britannia. It has since then been under the use of the Order of the Black Knights.

At the battle of Ark 3, the Zero Gundam received a fearsome epithet worthy of the destruction it created; The Black Demon. According to Charles zi Britannia and Merlot Richardson, the Zero Gundam is an instrumental piece in the completion of the Ragnarok Connection.

Design and Development[]

The Zero Gundam is a complex machine, due to how it was designed. Outfitted with the Wired Driver System, only those with a Geass can pilot the machine. Normal Devicers are unable to even move the machine as a result of the Wired Driver System. Like all Mobile Suits, it was designed with a Jet Propulsion Implement, which allows for flight-based combat, as well as a total of six Slash Harkens; two located at the hips, one on each foot, and one on each wrist.

The armor plating is designed with refined Qwaser Metal, thus it is much stronger than standard Mobile Suit armor. It is equipped with an experimental Maser Vibration Sword Claymore Variant. The Knightmare was not outfitted with a Factsphere, due to the Wired Driver System linking the Devicer's vision to the unit.

The most unique feature is the Zynchro Elimination Recognition Oblige (ZERO) System, in which the when user's Geass is activated, and the limiters on the Zero Gundam are removed, and it's parameters substantially increased. The sheer ferocity and power this unit while this system is activated is displayed at Ark 3, where Lelouch destroyed the entire 10th Fleet without the aid of any other units, and severely damaged the Lancelot.

Operational History[]



  • The unit's design is based on the DeviantArt mobile suit "Gundam Uranus" by artist masarebelth.
  • Its nickname, Black Demon, is more or less a reference to the typical nickname of the main Gundam of each series: "White Devil."
    • The difference in nickname may extend to the respective pilots' mentalities. Lelouch uses the Gundam to wage war against Britannia, while the other series' protagonists were fighting a war for various reasons, though they typically had more virtuous reasons for fighting. On the other hand, Lelouch can be considered among their number for his desire to create a peaceful world for Nunnally.