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The Alternate Universe of Lelouch of the Rebellion R1 specifically of the Fanfiction Series: Divine Empire Series, it introduces Michael El Britannia and his rise to prominence as Commander of the Britannian Pacific Fleet, sent with reinforcements to Area 11 after the Disappearance of his Half-Brother: Clovis La Britannia.


The Background of the Story invites Michael El Britannia as the personal favourite of Charles Zi Britannia as successor to the Throne of Britannia, Michael quarrels with his peaceful siblings over the course of action that would better the world while disagreeing with Charles' brutality, Charles interestingly enough is willing for Michael to take the reigns of Britannia and lead it where he wishes.


Prologue - Before 18 a.t.b[]

The Prologue of the Story looks into Michael's raising in the Britannian Court and his joint invasion of Japan at the age of Sixteen, it shows Michael's effect upon Charles Zi Britannia's judgement when pointing out explicit counterarguments and Michael's own battle for power within the Pacific Naval Command, by the end of the Prologue it is Michael who has been offered by Cornelia to join her in Area 11 in the search for the Kidnapped Half-brother: Clovis La Britannia.

Interestingly, it also gives a hindsight to Michael's Birth as well as the consequences for his Mother, is his entire life and even his biology somehow connected with Geass?

Chapter 1 - Zero and Enra[]


Holy Empire of Britannia[]

5th Pacific Naval Fleet[]

Area 11 Britannians[]

  • Cornelia Li Britannia (2nd Princess of Britannia)
  • Euphemia Li Britannia (3rd Princess of Britannia)

Honorary Britannians[]

  • Suzaku Kururugi


  • Charles Zi Britannia (Holy Britannian Emperor)
  • Schneizel El Britannia (2nd Prince of Britannia)
  • Kanon Maldini (Earl of Britannia and Schneizel's Aide)
  • Amis Su Britannia (Mentioned Only; 7th Prince of Britannia)
  • Clovis La Britannia (3rd Prince of Britannia)
  • Aaron Waldstein (Youngest Son of Bismark Waldstein)

Area 11 Resistance[]

Black Knights[]


Organizations and Projects[]