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Vanguard-class destroyers

Class Vanguard-class
Unit type

Guided missile destroyer


Boston Royal Shipyards


RN Royal Navy

  • Length: 152 meters
  • Beam: 21.2 meters
  • Draught: 7.4 meters

8,500 t

Equipment and Design Features
  • S3-D multirole air tracking radar
  • Integrated Bridge and Navigation System
  • MFS-9000 sonar

Anti-air missiles:

  • Sea Viper missiles
  • Kalibr long range missiles

Anti-ship missiles:

  • Harpoon launchers


  • MK VIII naval gun
  • Miniguns
  • General purpose machineguns
  • Phalanx CIWS
Flight units

12 x Knightmare Frames (Portman and Portman II)
2 helicopters

The Vanguard-class destroyer is the Britannian Royal Navy's former main guided missile destroyer class, until 2017. It carried out primarily escort and patrol duties, along with other roles such as reconnaissance. The Vanguard is still the most numerous class of surface combatant warships in the Royal Navy, although production of the newer Vanguard II-class destroyers has also begun.

Design and construction[]

Service history[]


Notable ships[]

  • HMS Valiant
  • HMS Audacious
  • HMS Resolute
  • HMS Ark
  • HMS Duke of Toronto
  • HMS Pride
  • HMS Prince of New York
  • HMS Emperor's Revenge
  • HMS Destructor
  • HMS Duke of the North
  • HMS Defender
  • HMS Earl of Yukon
  • HMS Retribution
  • HMS Victory
  • HMS Prince of New England
  • HMS Starfire