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Vector zi Britannia
Full Name: Vector zi Britannia
Nicknames: The Demon Emperor
Aliases: Nox
Age: 54-56
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Dark Brown

Birth Date: a.t.b. 1963
Death Date: a.t.b. January 31, 2019
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Britannian
Relatives: Charles zi Britannia (Father)
Occupation: Prince
Real World
Voiced By: Neil Kaphan (English)
Sho Hayami

Vector zi Britannia is one of the main antagonist of Code Geass: Marik and Lelouch of Dissension and Code Geass: Marik and Lelouch of Dissension 2. He is the 2nd Prince and later the 99th Emperor of the Holy Britannia Empire.

He was the father of many children


Vector is a tall


Vector is a calm but cryptic individual known for his extreme cruelty and has no qualms employing ruthless measures to gain results in both warfare and politics. His calm and collected exterior only serves to belied his near psychopathic tendencies. Vector is known to form various relationship with various women to conceived children to fight over for claim for the Imperial throne.

However He is charismatic and calculating, Being extremely manipulative and charismatic, Vector is a skilled tactician, orchestrating events that benefit him in the long run able to form complex strategies making him formidable and dangerous opponent. Above all else Vector enjoyed seeing the suffering of others and consider all the atrocities he committed as a necessary evil and Vector's goal is to cause people despair and losing hope to stand against him making them feel powerless to opposed him and shown sadistic pleasure in crushing people hopes and causing chaos and heavy casualties.

How Vector would gain allies to followed him is by preying on the darkness in their hearts and manipulating them, either by subtly corrupting their own goals or by appearing to share their beliefs or make them falter by their emotion even with people who has grudge toward him or plotting against him. This was best seen in the existence of the Majority that followed, its wildly-differing members working together because they believed Vector would further their own ends; in actuality, they were mere tools that Vector used to forward his own agenda on the other hand he has several people who shared his ideas and are loyal to him.

Indeed Vector's manipulation and deception skills is nearly unmatched making him completely unpredictable being able tricking others into performing certain actions to gain advantage and his uses in psychological warfare. He favors using psychological traps and catching his enemies off guard even Charles can't figure out his intention and very few people was able see through his intention.

Vector solely believes in both abilities and talent being the qualities need to accomplish a objective.

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Vector's Geass, bestowed upon him by V.V., gives him "The Power of Everything", allowing him to copy and utilize any form of Geass as his own.

With this power, Vector becomes even more formidable, as he can wield a wide range of Geass abilities, each with its own unique capabilities. This further enhances his manipulative tactics and strategic planning, as he can adapt and counter any opposing Geass abilities that he may encounter.

The Power of Everything also amplifies Vector's already existing charisma and calculating nature, as he can now manipulate others not only through his own skills, but also by utilizing the various Geass abilities at his disposal. This makes him an even more dangerous opponent, as his opponents cannot predict which Geass ability he may possess and deploy against them.

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