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General Characteristics
Codename Vortigern
Unit type Transformable Sixth Generation Knight Giga Fortress
Manufacturer Unknown
Operator Eildons
Dimensions Overall Height: 12.07 meters
Weight Combat Weight: 40.87 metric tons
Powerplant Unknown
Equipment and Design Features
  • Dual-Eye Sensor Camera
  • Multispectral Sensor System
  • Electromagnetic Armor
  • Transformation System
  • Float System
Standard Armament
  • 1 x Mega Hadron Cannon
  • 10 x Hadron Cannon
  • Jeremiah Gottwald

The Vortigern is a knight giga fortress utilized by the Eildons in Code Geass Megiddo.


Essentially the Code Geass rendition of the Psycho Gundam from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. The only significant alteration from its original basis is that there is only one cannon barrel in its chest as opposed to three. Despite being an Eildon machine (who otherwise favor white as their standard), the Vortigern retains the Psycho Gundam's black and red coloring.


Another product of the "Missing" Sixth Generation of Knightmare Frames, the Vortigern was a most radical concept (even for its time): that of a "giant" Knightmare of unrivaled power. At twelve meters in height, the Vortigern is approximately three times larger than a standard Knightmare, such that it is classified as a knight giga fortress instead. Due to this and several other factors of its design, the Vortigern is a most unconventional machine, even compared to other sixth generation types as the Gawain, Brunor or Somerset.

Being much too large to be equipped with "standard" mechanisms as a Yggdrasil drive or landspinners, the Vortigern is instead fitted with several otherwise arcane systems, many of which are also products of its generation. Though its powerplant remains classified, the Vortigern's primarily driven by an integrated float system that runs throughout its entire frame. This float system is powerful enough to make the massive Vortigern move as swiftly as a regular sized Knightmare, featuring performance on par to that of seventh generation units. Through this same system, it can also achieve flight by transforming into a box-like "Fortress Mode", which allows it to remain airborne for extended periods of time. It is presently unknown if the Vortigern can transform between its fortress and Knightmare forms at will or if it has to be configured outside of battle, though it has been shown to at least change one way from fortress to Knightmare in operation.

The Vortigern's primary weapon is a mega hadron cannon mounted in its torso. Much more powerful than a "regular" cannon, this weapon has an effective firing range of over fifty kilometers. When coupled with the Fortress Mode (in which it remains usable), the Vortigern can utilize the cannon to take out both ground and airborne targets well outside of visual range. This in turn is supplemented by ten standard hadron cannons, all mounted in the fingers of the hand manipulators, and electromagnetic armor, which covers approximately ninety percent of the frame. Finally, while lacking any dedicated melee weaponry, the Vortigern's sheer bulk allows it to smash and break "lesser" machines through brute force alone, making it nigh untouchable.

Under the Eildons' banner, the Vortigern would be refined even further with the order's in-house tech, much of which was based on a mysteriously advanced civilization that reportedly predates all others. This effectively rendered any design flaws on the Vortigern's part (being a sixth generation machine and all) moot, allowing it to fight and function as any standard Knightmare would. Even so, some instabilities were reported to remain.


A highly ambitious but ultimately impractical design, the Vortigern, as with much of its kin, was never adopted by the Britannian military. Though rumors circulated throughout the world of a phantom Knightmare frame of towering height and overwhelming power, it was long believed the Vortigern never made it off the design stage and that no such unit had actually been produced. The closest equivalent would be the Gawain, which, itself being of the sixth generation, standing over six meters in height and featuring hadron cannons and a built-in float system, was certainly its own force to be reckoned with (as best shown during the Black Rebellion), but otherwise hardly comparable. Thus the Vortigern has since been regarded as nothing more than a boogeyman-styled myth among the military forces of Britannia and Eurasia.

In truth of fact however, at least one unit was produced, though it was secretly obtained by the Eildons, reportedly at the behest of Grandmaster V.V. himself. It is unknown if the Eildons used it in any particular instances before or during the Great World War, but upon Lelouch vi Britannia's resurgence as Zero and the Order of the Black Knights' corresponding entry, V.V., who had long held a personal disdain for the renegade prince, would give the Vortigern to Jeremiah Gottwald, who was himself charged with Lelouch's execution. Jeremiah would in turn utilize the Vortigern in the Battle of Alexandra Land, in which he would come dangerously close to fulfilling his objective. However, upon Major Kallen Kouzuki - whose once sealed memories had been inadvertently restored through the Geass Canceller Array - supplementing her liege (and love) in battle, Jeremiah would be soundly overwhelmed by the Demon King and Red Dragoness' combined might and defeated thereafter.