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Wings of Chaos

Wings of Chaos is the first part of the epic trilogy called Wings of Geass. It chronicles the beginnings of Lelouch and his quest to liberate Japan.


On August 10, 2010 a.t.b., the Holy Empire of Britannia overpowered Japanese forces and conquered the country with their newly-developed robotic weapons, the Knightmare Frames, in less than a month. Japan lost its freedom, its rights, and even its name, becoming "Area 11" and its people "Elevens". The Elevens are forced to survive in ghettos while Britannians live in first-class settlements. Rebel elements persist, however, as pockets of Japanese resistance struggle against the Empire for the independence of Japan, partly due to Japan surrendering before all of its human resources would have been depleted in the struggle against the Britannian invasion. The Japanese resistance movement is supposedly unrivaled amongst such movements.

It is now 2017 Ascension Throne Britannia, and Lelouch Lamperouge finds himself being hunted by a mysterious organization that believes him to be the long awaited "seed of chaos"...