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X.X. is an immortal, regarded as being the original one to possess Code. He is the main antagonist of the fanfiction Time is of the Essence.


X.X. is a tall, thin man. His face is pointed and skeletal, and can be compared to a vulture. He has evil, yellow eyes, and typically has a sinister smile. X.X. had greasy, black hair that came down to his chin, and hanged all over his head. He has a thin scar running through his eye, and onto his neck. He generally wears a tattered, black cloak.


X.X. is generally selfish, dispassionate, and sadistic. He takes pleasure in tormenting his opponents using his powers, and mocks them often times. He is somewhat disillusioned into believing that he can control the universe. X.X.'s is greedy, and can almost be described as childish, as when a world doesn't suit him, he just "creates" a new one.