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General Characteristics
Model Number XT-505
Codename Shen-Long
Unit type Custom Eighth Knightmare Frame
Manufacturer United Chinese Republics
Operator Black Knights
Dimensions Overall Height: 4.55 meters
Weight Combat Weight: 9.35 metric tons
Powerplant Type 15 Yggdrasil superconductor transfer system
Equipment and Design Features
  • Type-04 Dual Eye Sensor Camera
  • Type-04 Landspinner Propulsion System
Fixed Armament
  • 2 x Type-06 WristMounted Slash Harkens
  • Chest Mounted Baryon Cannon
  • Type-04 Wing Air Glide System
  • June Shuska

The XT-505 Shen-Long is a Custom Seventh Generation Knightmare frame in Code Geass R3: SOD.


This machince is the successor to the XT-404 Shen-Hu knightmare. The color scheme and entire machine is the same as before, however, the shoulder armor, chest, and legs differ from it's predecessor.


The Baryon Cannon on the front is colored red and is upgraded to be more powerful than before. The shoulder armor is different as it can now fire off missiles. The legs are a combination of the Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. and the Shen-Hu.


This machine was created sometime in 2037 a.t.b. and was sent to assist with the defending knightmares at the Ikaruga Stadium.