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Lancelot RED

Z-01/C Lancelot R.E.D. Made by RaiZero.

The Z-01/C Lancelot R.E.D. is a Knightmare Frame used by the Holy Britannian Empire, more specifically, the Knights of the Round. This Knightmare Frame is featured in Code Geass R2: Twin Demons . It is piloted by Ashton Ashford.


The Lancelot R.E.D. is a variant of the original Lancelot. It features a red and gold color scheme, which was the original design for the Lancelot. Aside from the look, this Knightmare has a special feature called, R.E.D. which stands for Rapid Electric Defense, which is the use of electricity to strengthen the Blaze Luminous, which is colored red.


The Lancelot R.E.D. is only mentioned in Code Geass: The Twin Demons as Ashton Ashford says, "But I'm getting a new machine after we take back Area 11. It'll also be a Lancelot Model."

This machine became a reality and was given to Ashton Ashford as a gift for retaking Area 11 alongside other brave pilots and soldiers. This knightmare frame has assisted it's sister units in the E.U. War as it is a part of the Lancelot Squadron.

Lancelot Orion

Original Concept Art for Lancelot before Season 1 premiere. Inspiration for the Lancelot R.E.D.