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Vincent Conquista

Z-01/E Lancelot V-Type. Made by RaiZero

The Z-01/E Lancelot V-Type is a Knightmare Frame used by the Holy Britannian Empire, more specifically by the Knights of the Round. It is featured in Code Geass R2: Twin Demons. It is piloted by Megan E. Darlton.


The Lancelot V-Type is a variation of the Lancelot Conquista with some parts from the Vincent Prototype model. This machine is colored white, pink, and gold. the entire body is based on the Conquista, except for the arms, legs, waist, shoulder armor, and head. This Knightmare works the same as the Lancelot Conquista would, but it takes up more energy since it has extra factspheres as well as needleblazers.


The Lancelot V-Type stands for Lancelot Vincent. This machine was thought up as a last minute model between the Lancelot and Vincent machines. The purpose for it is to prove the Vincent can handle weaponry like the Blaze Luminous, VARIS Rifle, and Hadron Blaster without an extreme drop in power usage. The drop isn't significant, but it can become a problem if not handled carefully.

This machine came out before the Lancelot Conquista did due to certain delays and Suzaku wanted to put the Conquista on hold for a little while in order to allow the finishing of the V-Type.