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General Characteristics

Model Number Z-01/X
Codename Lancelot Trial
Unit type Trial Seventh Generation Knightmare Frame
Manufacturer Advanced Special Envoy Engineering Corps "Camelot"
Operator Holy Britannian Empire
Dimensions Overall Height: 4.49 meters
Weight Combat Weight: 6.89 metric tons
Powerplant Yggdrasil Drive, Energy Filler 

The Lancelot Trial (ランスロット裁判, Ransurotto Saiban), is a Trial Seventh Generation Knightmare Frame developed by Lloyd Asplund and the ASEEC as a prototype to the first seventh generation knightmare frame that would be known as the Z-01 Lancelot. The Lancelot Trial proved successful, but it needed a lot more work in order to become the powerful machine it would soon be known infamously as.


The same as it's Oz The Reflection appearance.



The Lancelot Trial was