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Lancelot Club

The Z-01Z/b Lancelot C.L.U.B. is a 9th Generation Knightmare Frame used by the Novus Empire of Briton in the fanfiction, Code Geass R2: Twin Demons . It is piloted by Rai Sumeragi.


The Lancelot C.L.U.B. looks like the Lancelot ALBION except certain parts are different as well the color scheme is changed. The entire knightmare is white with the original golden parts changed to blue. The energy wings are colored blue as wlel. The shoulder armor is that of the original Lancelot Club. The chest piece lacks the red gem that the ALBION has. The most notable feature is the head which is that of it's predecessors.


The Lancelot C.L.U.B. was created as the sister unit to the Lancelot ALBION. It was taken by Rai Sumeragi when he defected to the Novus Empire of Briton. The C.L.U.B. in the name stands for Coordinate Luminous Uranium Bolt, which suggests that this knightmare uses Uranium as it's power source instead of Sukuradite. This machine makes it's appearance in Stage 24.