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Full Name
  • Dash "Zero" Lamperouge
  • Caped Crusader
  • Masked Man
  • CEO of Project Knightmare
Age n/a
Gender Male
Height 5'11"
Weight 182.1 lbs
Race Britannian
  • Caroline Lamperouge (Wife)
  • Lelouch Lamperouge (Son)
  • Nunnally Lamperouge (Daughter)
  • Cornelia Lithuania (Niece)
  • Euphemia Lithuania (Niece)
  • Schneizel Eleria (Nephew)
  • Alice Eleria (Grand-Niece)
  • Claire Eleria (Grand-Niece)
  • Dalque Eleria (Grand-Niece)
  • Lucretia Eleria (Grand-Niece)
  • Sancia Eleria (Grand-Niece)
Theme Song
Additional Information
  • Project Ragnarok (Formerly)
  • Project Knightmare
  • Zero
Units Piloted
  • YF6-F7K/E Ganymede
  • Type-0/0A Shinkiro

Dash "Zero" Lamperouge is the anti-hero of the series as he is soley responsible for setting up the various tasks and obstacles for the heros of the series while he also assists the various characters of the series, 


Zero's appearance has mostly consisted of his famous mask and outfit which consists of a cape and VIctorian styled clothing. However, he has also shown his true appearance to many people which he entrusts and his true face has been shown. He has long black hair which is very messy since he doesn't care for outward appearance due to him being masked most of the time. He also has bags under his crimson red eyes since he rarely gets any sleep due to his fierce dedication to his project.


Zero is a very understanding character and he really shows how much he cares for those in his company as well as those he is close to. This is due to the fact that Zero's former identity as Dash Lamperouge has been pronounced dead for several years, in turn making him unable to meet with his surviving family. This makes him more appreciative of those who understand his position. However, he also has a dark side when it comes to accomplishing his goals as he has no fear in defying those who oppose him and he does not care if he destroys the lives of those who have wronged him or his companions.