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Zond-44 is a Britannia mothership. It capable of operating in the air and at space. It's acting as a mobile command center during combat. Since this fleet usually carries important person, it always by heavily guarded by Gundam troop and armored vehicles.


Zond-44 is a very large fleet. It is made by highly of condensed and strong metal to withstand the enemy attack and pressure in space.



This is where Gundam are lined up and stored.


Because it is a huge ship, a dock for vessels and Gundam is established at the nose of the ship.


It a platform from which the ship can be commanded. The bridge is also a command center. Therefore, it is furnished with high-tech computer and holographic map.

System Room[]

This is where the main server of the ship located.


It is a place where sick or wound soldier.

Gundam Workshop[]

It is a place where the damage Gundam being repair.


It is a place where soldier rest.

Power Station[]

This is a place where Photon Drive located. It is the power source for the fleet.

Living Room[]

This is a place where royalty rest.

Other places[]




Photon Cannons

The mothership is equipped with four Photon Cannons located at the side of the ship, capable taking down enemy ships and several Knightmare Unit.

2-barrel GN Main Turret

Located under the ship, two GN Turret is located to take down the enemy.

2-barrel GN Machine Gun

The ship equipped with Eight GN Machine Gun capable to firing multiple of shot.

GN Field

GN Field is Shield Technology installed to the ship to protect from laser and beam coming from the enemy.

Large Missile Launcher

The ship equipped with two large missile launchers for anti-ship combat.